Approach Tunnel Construction

Construction of the Terminus linked to Stations by footbridges and subways.

Tunnels Concrete Lining Construction

Erect formwork shutters and carried out concrete lining works for the 3km tunnels.

Approach Tunnels Constructions

Construction works for approching tunnels including shotcreting works, mini pile, soil nail and scaffolding works, steel works, excavations, drainage works, etc.

Construction of FootBridges and Lift towers

Construction of footbridges, associated lift towers and the future development platform.

Maintain and Uprate OHL Towers in HK

Slope and foundation stabilization works including soil nail works, shotcreting works, construction of retaining walls, etc. protecting the OHL towers in Hong Kong.

Sewage Treatment Construction Works

Construction of Effluent Tunnel and Disinfection Facilities. The works include the construction of an 8.5m diameter and approximate 880m long effluent tunnel and disinfection facilities.

Sewage Treatment construction Works

The works include the construction of the new sludge dewatering building, northern sludge cake silo, sludge storage tanks.

Sewage Treatment Construction Works

Construction of  substructure and superstructure works for the workshop building, southern sludge cake silo building, storage and dewatering facilities.