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Our Services / 我們的服務

Our Services / 我們的服務

Our Group provides underground construction services, with a primary focus on two service lines: (i) tunnel construction services (including excavation, shotcreting, shutter design and fabrication, tunnel lining services, advanced and structural works); and (ii) utility construction and others (layout and refurbishment of gas pipes and structural works).

Tunnel Construction Services

Our tunnel construction services cover underground enclosed tunnels, shafts, chambers, passageways and other related underground facilities such as railway stations or ventilation shafts.

Advanced Works

Our services include slope stabilization around the tunnel, and the construction of shafts for transporting equipment in preparation for the main tunnel construction works. In our provision of slope stabilization services, we mainly employ the soil nailing method which involves drilling holes on the slope, driving steel nails into the holes, and grouting concrete into the holes to stabilize the slope.

Tunnel Construction

Our services in tunnel construction mainly consists of four stages;
(i) Excavation of rocks and soil via drill and blast or break technique
(ii) Stabilization of tunnel walls via wet shotcreting
(iii) Design and fabrication of tunnel shutters
(iv) In situ concrete lining

For excavation of rocks and soil, our Group mainly employs the drill and break or drill and blast methods to remove rocks. After excavation, we would proceed to stabilize the exposed tunnel walls by using a method called wet shotcreting, which involves spraying a layer of concrete-like material on the tunnel walls to stabilize the tunnel structure and prevent loose rocks from falling down. We would then proceed to the design and fabrication of tunnel shutters, which subsequently acts as a mould for the concrete lining. Lastly, we implement in situ concrete lining, which involves pouring concrete into the lining between the shutters and the tunnel walls, forming the final structure of the tunnel and surface of the tunnel walls.

We also provide concrete delivery and distribution systems to facilitate the transport of concrete within the site.

Structural Works

Our services include the construction of ancillary buildings and permanent or temporary support structures which usually forms part of a larger tunnel construction project. Our Group’s operations include, but are not limited to, the construction of ancillary buildings such as plant rooms, workshop buildings and sewage-treatment plants.

Utility Construction

We mainly provide underground utility construction and refurbishment services relating to underground gas pipelines.